support and services

support and services

We offer Application Maintenance Support Services to Salesforce fresh implementations as well as to existing implementations too. We offer services anytime-anywhere and an on-call basis. Our package depends on the services which you intend to opt for.

SLA-Based Resolutions

Production issues are handled in the SLA (Service Level Agreement ) based format. For any production issue which is critical to business and needs immediate intention is classified as L1 ticket and resolution time to close the ticket is decided as per agreement with the client usually it depends on the client to client on resolution time. Same way L2 are classified as low priority and have longer resolution time. Whereas L3 are enhancements which usually take week/s.

End-User Support

For any functionality-focused queries are heard and feature-related questions are answered in the type of support. Usually, it happens when User didn't picked up during the training period or is new to the system. So, if your users have any questions regarding the use of Salesforce, our specialists will be happy to guide them and make them productive by answering queries about the applictaion.

Customization support

To have a seamless Salesforce experience, we make sure that all customizations and third-party integrations/apps continue working as intended, stay bug-free, and contribute to your platform’s efficiency.

Integration support

Problems irrupt when third party apps or API don't communicate about the changes they made to integration points. We support the client to overcome integrated systems problems.

User Training

We can organize user training to increase the overall Salesforce user skill in your company. This training is more productive when new features are added to Salesforce or new members join your team.

User administration

If you don't have an in-house IT team or you don't have Salesforce expert with you any change with your sales/service/marketing staff should be reflected in Salesforce, be it a new hire, a promotion or a termination of employment. We take the ownership to create new users, assign more rights to existing ones, delete unneeded user accounts and perform other user administration activities to keep your Salesforce up-to-date.

Data import and export

For any Data Analytics work outside of Salesforce where you need a copy for database or any new addition to the database, we provide you with services of Data import and export.

Ongoing System Performance Checks

If our consultant notices performance drops in your org, so without wasting time they will investigate them. As a result, they find that a report with too much attached data runs on all sales reps’ dashboards at the time of the drops. To fix it, they slightly tune report schedules, which improves your solution’s performance. All reports are published on our rea time dashboard the link of which is shared with client.

Monthly Security Check

Our specialists will perform a monthly security check of your Salesforce solution to uncover any potential threats to your system. You will get a detailed report on your solution’s security state. And if we find any possible security holes, we will immediately fix them.

How We Start-a remote health check

A remote health check of your Salesforce solution is conducted. During this phase, we perform:

  • Overall performance assessment.
  • Customizations review.
  • Integration testing.
  • Custom apps performance analysis.
  • Salesforce security audit.

As a result, you get a comprehensive health check report that describes the state of all your system’s components, reveals performance issues and gives recommendations on how they can be removed. In addition, we can eliminate the uncovered limitations of your system.


We provides real time online dashboard for AMS services. With our AI/ML designed Dashboard give you inside depth analysis of our tickets volume and reasons.


The major price-influencing factors are:

  • The number of Salesforce users in your company.
  • The plan option you choose.
  • The complexity of your system’s customizations.
  • The number of your system’s integrations.