Marketing Cloud

Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Marketing cloud helps navigate entire customer journey on one platform. It provides channels and helps marketers deliver right message on right time. It helps analyze customer journeys and help in getting leads. Adding mobile to email and social campaigns help reach customers anytime, anywhere.

Data Management Tools

  • Salesforce DMP: Salesforce Data Management Platform (DMP) captures and stores data from customer touchpoints for example email, live chat, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc giving market team inside about the customers. Based on data collection, customer segregation is done based on attributes. This analytics approach is likely to pay off with more engaged customers and, therefore, higher revenue.

  • Interaction Studio: Interaction Studio serves to capture every customer interaction with your brand across all touchpoints in real-time. Its power is in personalize product recommendations during an online shopping journey of a customer based on the products the latter has browsed. It performs the same interaction based on browsing history which is captured by Interaction Studio.

  • Data Studio: Salesforce offers Data Studio – a data-sharing solution that creates a safe environment for data owners for sharing the data. Data Studio also provides publishers and other data owners a safe way to provide data to trusted parties. Data Studio offers marketers a one-stop-shop for quality data.

Customer Communication Tools

  • Email Studio: Customers are reached out using Email Studio's extensive functionality. Email Studio primary functionalities are :

    • Customer segmentation capabilities
    • Dynamic content
    • Customizable email templates
    • Responsive email design
    • Email analytics

  • Social Studio: Social media presence is build using Social Studio which allows companies to build effective communication. This is how the Studio might be helpful to several departments:

    • Customer segmentation capabilities
    • Create engaging content, promote marketing campaigns and communicate with the audience.
    • Start nurturing prospects by tracking posts with an information request and a purchasing intention by Sales Team.
    • Once Service agents see a complaint or negative feedback in social media, they can contact a customer and set an issue.

  • Advertising Studio: With Salesforce Advertising Studio, marketers can advertise relevant content to customers in Google Search and on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn). As a result, they are more likely to click and move on to shopping – the aim is achieved when more.

  • Mobile Studio: Your team can turn to Mobile Studio to:

    • Send mobile messages and push notifications personalized to different customer segments.
    • GeoFence message to engage with customers instantly after they have entered or existed a targeted area for brick and motor store business.