Custom Erp

Custom Erp

Custom Erp

Company Overview:

Regular requirement from schools for end to end ERP for daily activities of  school management. Different logins for portals for management, teachers, and parents. Attendance, syllabus, assignments, scorecard, school fees, transportation fees update, etc. The online admission registration portal for new users.

Client’s Challenges:

To mange a complete school on different systems without integration is an uphill task. So clients are looking for a complete system which would be integrated and can handle all requirements associates with school/s.

Solution Proposed:

We developed, built, and implemented the application in such a way that it helped in keeping the records of student`s attendance, progress, assignments, fees, etc. This leads to easy management of records and saved a lot of time of the management and allowing them to focus on other developments of school. Easy access to parents to view their child`s attendance, progress, and assignments, that built a good connection between parents and school. Also, that allowed the Principal or staff to send bulk messages about any updates or assignments to all the students at one click.


Paperless administration: since we included all the important parts of the school`s administration it reduced the usage of paper and pen.

No matter where the staff or parents are located they`ll be quickly able to access to the important updates or information.

Time-saving: As every record will be there in the application there`s no necessity of spending additional time on making records, rather it helped them to focus on other important productive things.