We undertake Salesforce configuration when delivered functionalities are exactly matching with your requirements. The list of possible configurations includes creating reports and dashboards, workflows and validation rules, tabs and apps with default Salesforce tools.

In most cases, Salesforce delivered modules are matching with your business logic and requirements. In such cases, no customization is required but the only Configuration is needed. In these cases, Salesforce configuration is done in a very short period. Possible configurations include creating reports, dashboards, workflows and validation rules, security settings, tabs and apps with default Salesforce tools. The Salesforce team consists of an Administrator or developer team can configure the CRM application. Minor modifications come under configuration such as adding a new field to a given Salesforce object or adding a new field that will use a formula to perform some result.

Salesforce Configurations and Customizations activities:

To achieve the desired output from Salesforce application modification of Salesforce solution is dealt with default tools or custom development using Lightning Platform.

  • Customization of objects, fields, and records to your Salesforce solution, to make it productive as per your business requirements beyond its standard functionality.

  • Up-gradation of business rules into CRM using Apex triggers, which helps to boost sales, service and marketing processes making them easier to manage and analyses.

  • Customization of workflows to automate daily and recurring tasks with Apex triggers, like sending email notifications and assigning follow-up tasks. Using automation tools, like Workflow rules, Process Builder or Apex code for such automation improves productivity.

  • Data management with bulk data processing, operations like a mass update of records, weekly leads the evaluation and other tasks, which we load and delete large sets of data in your solution and posting of multiple record updates with bulk triggers.

  • We create custom email templates. They make your emails look as you want them to due to a custom style sheet. You can enable custom style sheets and manage email attachments easier due to Salesforce customization capabilities.

  • Customization of reports and dashboards for sales, marketing, field service professionals and senior management for better visibility into specific figures. We can pull custom reports with Apex instructions to retrieve data and present them in the desired format.

  • Empower your Salesforce with Einstein AI, and further customize it in compliance with your requirements. AI-powered features ensure valuable insights for sales, marketing and service needs of your business due to suggesting next-best sales actions, scoring the likelihood of marketing emails’ success, automatically classifying and routing service cases, etc.

  • Salesforce integration with third-party systems, with ERP, e-commerce systems, social media, email, etc., which can bring positive results in your organization. We use many homegrown tools to make such integration possible.

CRM Customization Benefits

Follow are a couple of benefits that can be obtained with Salesforce Customization.

Revenue increase According to the latest Survey, Salesforce helps companies using to win deals with a run rate of 24%. Proper customization of Salesforce can even bring better results with Sales numbers.

  • High ROI According to another study, every dollar spent on CRM returns as much as $8.71 in sales revenue.
  • Productivity increase As per the Salesforce Relationship survey, using Salesforce leads to a sales productivity increase of up to 25%.