society management application

society management application

Company Overview:

Required an application to maintain the records of all the society members, parking, maintenance collection, tenant register, society rules and regulations, services, sending bulk SMS/email, etc.

Client’s Challenges:

User-friendly application to track and manage the society records of all the members.

Solution Proposed:

Developed, built, and implemented an application which shows society information, updates, rules and regulation, and events. It included the login portal for all the society members, where they can manage their society accounts and make their payments of monthly or annual society maintenance fees. Complaint section, notice, lost, and found and parking details section is also provided.


Easy access to fetch the details of the society members, tenants, parking, and guidelines of the society. No need of maintaining registers to keep the records of all the things. Separate accounting and billing sections help in keeping the payments and penalties up to date. Sending notice via SMS/emails to all the members keeps everyone up to date about the upcoming events of society or notices.