Sales Cloud

Sales Cloud

Salesforce Sales Cloud is a platform designed to support sales, marketing activities in both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-customer (B2C). Salesforce Sales Cloud Implements Sales and marketing for business development and automate the sales process, assisting both sales managers and reps with the platform’s rich functionality.

For Sales Managers

  • Sales Path is defined by the Sales Manager to define the process for sales reps for easy management. The transparent approach track the actions and behavior of the sales rep.

  • Lead Conversion Process: The process of converting a lead into an opportunity, account, and contact or just into an opportunity and account, and introduce automated workflows and validation criteria to make the lead conversion process smooth and consistent.

  • Reports and Dashboards: This feature is used for tracking the performance of sales rep's. it also helps in highlighting sales reps’ strong and weak points along with factors influencing their productivity allows sales managers to improve their reps’ performance. Advanced sales forecasting paves the way for future planning.

  • Products and Price Books allow Sales managers to approve large discounts to certain customer groups based on industry, size & geography, etc. The feature also tracks records of previous proposals.

  • Process Builder empowers sales managers to create an automated workflow, which with additional opportunities on the supervision of their reps’ performance.

  • Sales Cloud Einstein is an AI-powered analytical capability, which helps management and sales manager to predict the future outcome based on historical data allowing more accurate sales predictions.

For Sales Reps

  • Tasks and Events Management: In Lightning Experience UI, Reps can easier manage their activities (emails, calls, meetings and tasks) with an intelligent activity timeline. It gives reps a thorough overview of their activities instead of searching the same info in different related lists.

  • Social Accounts and Contacts provide inside from different social networks (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube) which as a result, sales reps better address their customers’ needs.

  • Lightning Voice: It allows localizing sales reps’ phone numbers to their sales territories, which contributes to a higher response rate. It also facilitates communication with prospects and customers, enables one-click calling and automated call logging.

  • Process Builder helps sales reps to execute their routine tasks faster and easier with helps of automation of manual tasks

  • Sales Cloud Einstein provides informational support for sales reps’ decisions. Sales reps’ get notified about key activities in their deals. It also predicts the leads most likely to convert and opportunities they should pay more attention to. Based on historical data further steps of customer communication also help to turn interactions with clients into a win-win situation.