Warehouse - Retail Industry

Latin American based export -import company managing their multiple warehouses through Odoo.

Warehouse - Retail Industry

About Company:

Company is mid-size having their operations in 6 countries. Costa-Rica, panama, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Mexico & Venezuela. They owned large warehouses in costa-Rica and Dominican Republic.

Client Challenge:

Early on, the company's business journey was traditional, time-consuming and inefficient in nature. The earlier generation found it convenient to handle everything manually due to their lack of exposure to technology. Major below challenges they were facing: 

  • Transactions for 5 multiple legal companies.
  • Multi-currency transactions.
  • Dominican Republic has mandatory e-invoicing obligations.
  • 25k customer’s data.
  • More than 50k products
  • Product costing & sales person commission

Proposed Solution:

To solve this challenge, the company envisioned adopting one single platform to integrate all its business operations. We proposed Odoo as a solution with little bit customization. We created the in-depth technical specifications and use cases to manage multiple companies along with their currencies.

For the sake of data credentials, we developed in-build e-invoicing feature to in-tract with their government portal directly without using any 3rd party services.

We proposed very specific product costing procedures and sales commissioning so that everything get automate the business transactions.

Time-frame & Team Size:

After the GAP analysis, we took 3 months to complete deployment of system. End to end training session with users and providing them user manuals took extra efforts for us. We are working with the team size of 2 members. We used Version 9.

We provide the system so that user can accommodate the future’s changes. And manage their needs according to their suitability.

We framed a complex warehouse procedure in very simplified way to manage 25 locations in 6 warehouses.

Customer’s return in numbers:

  • Sales get doubled in 1st quarter of implementation. Growth of company is 300% in comparison to previous year of their system implementation.
  • They manages their operations with 35 employees. After the implementation, it reduced to 21.
  • Single dash-board for all kind of data analysis.