Salesforce Marketing Cloud Implementation - Retail

US based bookstore retail company managing their operations Salesforce.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Implementation - Retail

About Company:

The client is a popular bookstore chain with hundreds of stores across the United States, Canada and other countries. Their primary market consists of schools, colleges and other educational institutions. They approached us to help transform the way they interacted and engaged with customers using a data-driven solution for their marketing activities.

Client Challenges:

The client was focusing on e-commerce store and digital offerings expansion. In order to target the ever dynamic teen and young adults markets, they had to constantly stay in touch with the changing interests, demands and behaviors of these groups. However, they did not have a dynamic portal for marketing and the data on marketing activities lay dispersed across various systems in different locations. The client wanted a comprehensive platform for monitoring and analyzing all their marketing activities.

Proposed Solution:

We deployed a team of consultants with deep expertise in implementing and integrating Marketing Cloud for this project. Our implementation included:

  • A robust ExactTarget marketing cloud implementation that was customized to their internal processes and marketing goals.
  • Integration with in-house systems, social and mobile platforms as well as with the Sales and Service Cloud applications.
  • Data Migration from all existing systems into Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Business Impact:

With our Salesforce Marketing Cloud implementation, the client was able to achieve the following results
  • Marketing Cloud enabled the client to foster a 1-on-1 personalized bond with their customers by tracking consumer behaviours across channels. This also helped the client to extend personalized content, product recommendations and marketing offers to their customers—greatly enhanced connections between consumers and their brand.
  • The marketing team was able to monitor activities across the web, social media and other channels dynamically from a single platform. In addition, the client was able to monitor brand reputation across the channels in real-time and was able to respond immediately to any negative situations.
  • The marketing head and the management team were able to understand the impact and effectiveness of their marketing campaigns in real-time with the help of rich analytics features integrated into Marketing Cloud. This helped them to make faster, data-driven decisions and to dynamically optimize the marketing spend across channels and geographies.