Service Cloud

Service Cloud

Service Cloud provides Customer Support to the Clients and giving you the platform to provide a better customer experience for your clients. The Service Cloud is a super set of Sales Cloud, meaning you get everything that is in Sales Cloud PLUS some other features.

Service Cloud Features

  • Omni-Channel: helps customer support to interact with many channels such as web, email, phone, web or mobile Live Agent chats, social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+), community sites. Other important features of Omni-Channel is to intelligently routes them to appropriate agents based on complex pre-set conditions.

  • Case Management: Salesforce Service Cloud Case Management covers the whole case lifecycle, from creation, prioritization, assignment, escalation, reassignment, and closure. You can define smart contracts that should influence each of these stages, and Service Cloud will perform them automatically. You can predefine case priority and smart contracts by Service Cloud appropriate assignment mechanism.

  • Service Console: Agents can view each case in the service console in a convenient view. It is the ultimate personal workspace for every agent. Apart from showing case state and history, it depicts customer and/or account information.

  • Knowledge Base: Useful knowledge articles and more information around the client empower your service agents to find needed answers and deal with cases faster. Service Cloud enables creating a comprehensive knowledge base for agents.

  • Process and Routine Automation: Service Cloud offers process automation using workflows, approvals, macros, email templates, etc.

  • Service Analytics: Service Analytics powered by Salesforce Einstein provides insights into department and agent performance to service agents and service managers. The report is based on CSAT score and complexity of cases. You can see reports of different complexity. Based on these reports' performance analysis can be performed for agents and Service Analytics can give recommendations as to what an agent should do, say, to improve CSAT.

  • Field Service: In a lot of industries Field Service is required to provide support to products in field and to solve a case, service agents need to cooperate with field workers. Service Cloud users can order field workers’ appointments, manage their schedules, track part or material consumption, and so on.

  • Self-Service Communities: Customers can access knowldge base and slove problem on their own. Service Cloud provides the possibility to create self-service communities. Chats made community experience even friendlier .

  • Einstein Bots: Chat bots can be powered by Salesforce Einstein are used to answe repeated questions or very basic questions where agent presence is not required. In some cases where chat bot can’t help, it will transfer customers to the agents competent in the area of the customer’s problem.

  • App Builder: You can order your own Salesforce customer service apps to be created using this feature for any lacking functionality with in Service Cloud.