Salesforce Sales Cloud Integration - Insurance

Multiple folds increased in sales due to Digital Transformation and online policy generation.

Salesforce Sales Cloud Integration - Insurance

A leading insurance company wants Digital transformation of online policy generation starting from lead management to policy generation using salesforce, mobile app and payment gateway integration.

Client Challenge:

The client was not able to track the leads to closure as all systems were standalone and fragmented. Leads distribution and tracking with agents was done manually. Integration between the systems was missing and to close a lead an agent need to work back and forth. Sometime during this exercise clients lose patience and the potential opportunity was lost to competitors.  


We developed an app on Android and IOS to empower agents to over client pain areas. We integrated Salesforce for campaign management to lead generation with mobile/tab app for lead closure. Now potentials leads are flowing to respective agents automatically as designed by the backend workflows. So time spent on lead generations is minimized and agent's efficiency is tracked based on closure. We also integrated a premium calculator within the App for premium calculations. This App development and integration helped agents in generation policy online with payment through the payment gateway. This Digitization transformation of policy generation and process improvement, enhancement closure ratio of policies. 

Return of Investment:

  • Multiple folds increased in sales due to Digital Transformation and online policy generation.
  • Proper performance tracking of agents based on closure.
  • Allocation of agents based on their performance
  • Analysis of existing data gives an insight into management for better future planning.
  • Increase in sales due to proper forecasting based on artificial intelligence.

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