Perfume - Manufacturing Industry

Europe based Perfume manufacturing company managing their operations through Odoo.

Perfume - Manufacturing Industry

About Company:

Europe based company having their sales office in Paris, Brazil and LA (USA). They have their manufacturing unit in India. They were using oracle to maintain their sales but production was not synced with the system which give them so many challenges.

Inventory management was the highest issue for them because they want everything for according to their lots ( Batches ) of production. I.e. planning is made based on the sales targets and so accordingly production.

Apart of that, doing the planning from different locations was also very tough for them. The major focus for them, that they want to keep control on everything from there head-office which is in Brazil. They have so many approvals, imports to keep track of everything.

Proposed Solution:

We proposed them Odoo for their sale, planning, production and inventory module. We developed a business logic to implement there planning to bring everyone into one platform. We developed a specific planning module through which their pre-sales target and production along with inventory get forecasted into single screen to get the proper results.

For perfume production there are so many government legal obligations and reporting are required to fulfill the government expectations. We developed a dedicated inventory procedure to alcohol procurement, its book keeping and tracking of its consumption.

Complete accounting (according to schedule VI) proper configured in Odoo provided them additional benefits for their peach of mind. In a single click they generate the balance sheets and profit and loss statements.

We also did the bio-metric integration for their HR attendance to auto-create the payroll sheet and employee pay slips.

Customer returns in Numbers:

  • Replaced the license fee of oracle. Odoo is light-weighted system, hosted in amazon with very basic configurations.
  • Better planning gave the better forecast, they saved 1M cost of bad inventory which was already in stock and they planned for their next production cycle.
  • Employee get reduced 15%, so the cost behind too.
  • Better government reports gave them the control so that they can better negotiate with officials.
  • Sales projection get increased by 10% from last year.