Salesforce Sales Cloud Implementation - Manufacturing

Standardized client reports start getting published for much better visibility and the sales pipeline.

Salesforce Sales Cloud Implementation - Manufacturing

A US-based Solar panel manufacturing company reinvented its sales platform to achieve efficiencies across its sales organization.

Client Challenge:

The client was unable to effectively collaborate leads either within or across the organization’s boundaries and its systems due to lacked standardization. Lack of standardization had resulted, in limited visibility into the sales pipelines, and getting current information was a challenge. Sales teams had no way of easily sharing information and opportunities and that caused delays in customer responsiveness. The company’s leadership knew they needed a better lead, opportunity and forecasting system that would yield a complete 360-degree view of their leads and opportunities and forecast. Achieving better opportunity management was a need of the hour.

Solution Proposed:

We proposed Salesforce Sales Cloud as a solution to the client problem. Our team has begun with a highly collaborative series of interactive workshops to create a transformation roadmap. The project got executed in the Agile Scrum framework where we involved Product Owner and company stakeholders at every step to achieve buy-in right from the beginning.

User Stories:

User stories were written in a way that our team was able to discover what was lacking in the old systems to make sure we weren’t simply recreating the same processes with different technology. Keeping in mind the goals of better collaboration and more efficient processes, the Salesforce delivery team then designed, developed, and deployed Salesforce Sales Cloud solutions that met the client’s needs after proper Fit Gap analysis. All throughout the design process, we made sure the client’s product owner along with business experts, we're all working together efficiently and collaboratively.

We developed an architecture to allow for future changes robust and with a minimum of administrative overhead. Needed Customization was done in the way that a single custom object that leveraged data from the opportunity header to pre-populate critical pieces of information. The tools themselves were created in Visualforce and laid out in tabular format above other related list information.

Return of Investment:

  • 360-degree view of the client’s opportunity management to improve its productivity.
  • Standardized client reports start getting published for much better visibility and the sales pipeline.
  • Increase in sales by 20% on timely interaction with the client.

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