Odoo customization

An enterprise resource planning (ERP) application must go by "client's way" and not, the client should go by "application's way", having said that defines the flexibility of the software application to provide the personalized experience to the user or organization. All ERPs applications are matching the customer need up to 85% and make it specific to your business need you need to get the customization done. Customization can be referred to as providing that personalized experience in an application as per the specification of clients. Odoo provides a fully functional package to meet up with an enterprise requirement, but there is always some "extra" required by the clients. At Queidt, we always try to fulfill the client's custom requirement, so that they can make use of the application to the fullest extent to achieve their goal. Extending Odoo's modular approach, our technical team consists of certified Odoo consultants will assist you to achieve your all needs.