artificial intelligence

artificial intelligence

By leveraging Queidt Artificial Intelligence capabilities, small & medium enterprises can seamlessly design, build, deploy and manage scalable and cost-effective systems, and implement intelligence in machines.

Our Artificial Intelligence solutions are scaled across industries, effortlessly integrate with your infrastructure, and are strategically positioned to enhance workflows, improve customer experience and minimize costly labor and infrastructure investments.

  • Automate customer interactions & experience
  • Leverage your CRM data and generate additional business
  • Understand your customer behavior patten for future planning
  • Take your customers' shopping experience to the new level
  • Gain from data mining & Serve Real-time

We guide you to join the frontier of change with smart AI solutions that enable you to explore new avenues of growth. By leveraging on natural language processing (NLP), visual search and image recognition, text-to-speech (TTS), and machine learning (ML) technologies. We help businesses to build highly scalable and truly affordable digital products and solutions.

  • Natural language processing - Understanding insights to measure sentiments. Chatbots, intelligent search, sentiment analysis, threat detection, and a lot more.
  • Machine Learning - To Improve process precision, facilitate prediction and do analysis, detect frauds, and drive enterprise-wide growth and agility.
  • Computer Vision - Achieve accuracy and make processes simple and faster. Emotion analysis, image processing, face recognition, and others.