Inventory Management

Inventory Management

About Company:

Company is one of the largest manufacturing unit in India. Under 5 in furniture exports, having turnover around 500CR per year.

Client Challenge:

They were using MS-Dynamics for their sales, and another custom software for inventory & manufacturing. Major below challenges they were facing:

  • Sales & production was not synced.
  • Quality control issues
  • Shipping document and accounting were not synced
  • 3rd party contractor payment was not co-related with production.
  • Raw material procurement and its consumption were not calculative.
  • Production planning & product development stages were not register in any system.

Proposed Solution:

After in-depth analysis of requirements to optimize their maximum capacity to deliver on time, We proposed Odoo version 10. Through this we create an automate solution for Furniture Industry. A fully automate solution controlling purchases, sales, delivery and internal floor movements. Management of all kind of export documents. We provided them accurate profit and loss reports having all kind of graphical aspects. Each single activity is on system including the bills, payment, shipping, quality etc.

Fully functioning HR and its bio-metric integration keep capacity factor of employees too. To make it cost effective government compliance also there so that government officers (Custom department and CHAs) can get the access of the system for export related activities.

Customer returns in Numbers:

  • Payroll expenses get reduced 3 million in very next months.
  • Trun-over of the company get increased 1.5 times in one year.
  • Launched two new verticals in next of year.
  • Bar-code enabled warehouse provide them single click inventory positions.
  • vendor portal to access their orders and track payment status provide relief to their managers.
  • Through customer portal, customer is tracking their order status and delays if any.